When I came to [Steve's clinic] I was very skeptical. Before Steve, my experience with physical therapy was very dissasisfying. On our initial visit I gave Steve unnecessary grief, which he took in stride. He was professional and courteous, he answered all my questions and addressed all of my concerns. My knee, which bothered me for almost a year felt great after my first visit with Steve, and I stayed with him for two months untill I felt that I was fully recovered. I recomend Steve without any hesitation to anyone who is in physical pain, and needs someone calm and patient to resolve whatever problem they may have.

  • Irina

I came to [Steve's clinic] with a hip fracture and was unable to walk without aid and now I am able to run again. Steve Horney was very attentive and caring and his enthusiasm motivated me. Each week I became more balanced and was able to be more independent again at school and home. Steve gave me useful exercises that I will practice for the rest of my life. After four months of physical therapy I feel great and I'm even more flexible than I was before my injury! I truly do thank Steve and [his clinic] for getting me back on my feet.

  • Steph K.

I was training for my first marathon and ended up with a serious overtraining injury only a couple of months before the race. I didn't think there was any way I'd be able to rehab it in time to run. But Stephen got me fixed up faster than I thought possible. I was able to finish the race with no problems and by following his instructions I haven't had any problems since!

  • Barry S.

I’d like to thank in particular Stephen Horney and [colleague], who both provided me with excellent care. Their treatments were highly effective and enabled me to have greater range of motion, reduced my pain, and have better posture!

  • Sherly J.

Steve is truly interested in the health of those he treats. I came to him with a myriad of ailments including carpel tunnel, piriformis syndrome, a particularly stubborn case of IT band syndrome, and hip and knee pain.

He listened to my feedback, created a program suited to my needs, and on the rare occasion when he was unable to attend our session, had no qualms about sending me to [another therapist] for a fresh perspective.

Steve has a wonderful sense of humor, which alleviates the drudgery of repetitive stretches and exercises. At the same time, he is also quite serious about his knowledge of human mechanics and achieving a full recovery.

While my progress has been slow, I HAVE improved. I look forward to hopping on my road bike again, and when that moment comes, have asked Steve to help me plan a comprehensive exercise routine that will lessen the chance of injury.

  • Lari S.