The Body Function Score is a comprehensive physical assessment that uncovers any deficit in strength, mobility, flexibility, or function. Incorporating the most common orthopedic tests for the active population, it shows you how well your body is performing and where you should look to make improvements.

A 100 point system applied by a licensed physical therapist, the BFS gives the athletic person a look into how well their muscular, skeletal, and neurological systems are performing.

Whether you are having no pain at all and want to get back into exercising, have a laundry list of past ailments, or simply want to see how well your current routine has actually been working, the BFS is a perfect option for you and only takes 1 hour of your time.

Uniquely color coded, every part of the test has a built in, predetermined remedy, which which may include: a home exercise program, focused work with a personal trainer, physical therapy intervention or a referral to a physician.

Upon completion, every assessment will produce a numerical score, list of areas for improvement, and the knowledge that you are on your way to ensuring long term health and wellness.

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